Subscription Service

Mail Order Comic Subscription

We currently have 600+ in-store Mail Order Subscription customers worldwide and pride ourselves on offering a professional and efficient service to all our valued customers.

The individual Comic rate for Mail Order Customers are detailed below.

Cover Prices

$ £ Subscribe to 5 or more 20% OFF
2.99 2.49 1.99
3.50 2.74 2.19
3.99 2.98 2.38
4.99 3.59 2.87
5.99 4.14 3.31
6.99 4.64 3.71
7.99 5.29 4.23

Postage Rates

EU £3.25 + 75p per additional comic
ROW £4.75 + 75p per additional comic



When choosing your comics please note that rarer variants, Incentive covers and limited edition comics are not available on Subscription, these are always listed on our website or on eBay. As demand outweights supply we feel this is fairest way to offer to interested buyers.

If you need help if finding out the latest comics please see below.


New Series

Marvel Previews

Terms and Conditions

Your Credit/Debit card will be automatically charged at the end of the 3rd week of the month with your comic total including postage costs

Once payment has been secured, your items will be dispatched.

Customers are required to clear and pay for their items in full every month. Failure to do this without prior agreement with A Place in Space will result in your S/O being automatically cancelled.

You can amend, add or delete titles from your subscription at any time – email/call/write the Store to action.

You can cancel your subscription at any time, however we request that you honour the existing titles currently in your file at the time of cancellation.